Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lost Shoe

So what are you going to do
With one rugged worn out shoe?

I know one time someone loved you
With all his heart
And on good long walks would choose you
Over and over again,
And mend your tears--
That are inevitable.

I know one time,
Not long ago--
Someone loved you with all his heart.
And at nights he tucked you in,
You were content
to stretch under the bed
and wonder about this man-
who cared enough to scrub you clean.

But one day he never woke.
Faithfully, you waited and waited..
And as you lament your loss,
People worked his room—
And you found yourself
In a box, discarded…

So here you are
Couldn’t be more useful
Yet never complaining
A story to tell.


Stray bird-
Unassuming, perched on a log.
He did not see me watching.
Most birds have gone home.

Why are you still out?
Where have you been?
What distant lands have you seen?
Smoothen your ruffled feather
And brace for your next

Flap those tiny wings, 
Go home-- your nest is waiting.